Southern Sweden is solving global food challenges
What do fungi, hemp and insects have in common? Apart from being non-animal protein alternatives to traditional animal-based proteins, these are exciting food solutions being developed in Sweden’s southernmost province.

When it comes to future food, Skåne is where global necessity is driving ground-breaking innovation. Climate change, water scarcity and food waste are just some of the challenges food disruptors in the region are addressing.

Jens Almqvist, Business Designer at food-focused Krinova Incubator and Science Park, says climate is the focal point of Skåne’s foodtech ecosystem. “Food is heavily put under the microscope when we’re talking about climate change,” he explains, noting rising demand for alternatives to traditional growing, processing, and packaging methods.

Skåne’s innovative foodtech companies include start-ups and researchers developing novel food solutions in response to market conditions, and they are seeking investors and collaboration partners.

From alternative proteins to advanced agrotechnology

Invest in Skåne has created a snapshot of the region’s thriving food technology scene by creating a catalogue of Skåne-based foodtech companies looking for global investment and collaboration. There are over 30 companies listed, covering areas from alternative proteins, beverages, and circular bioeconomy to digitalisation and packaging.

According to Olof Tedin, Business Development Manager at Invest in Skåne, Skåne companies developing “climate-smart food” are focusing on sustainable solutions which includes circular bioeconomy where waste is reduced or upcycled into new products.

“It’s all about using resources more efficiently, but also making production cheaper and easier,” explains Tedin.

Functional food is another focus area – food products, mostly in the beverage category, which are fortified with probiotics, minerals, fibre and vitamins to achieve positive health effects.

Increasing crop yields is also popular. “Companies here are working across the entire spectrum of agrotechnology, like AI and robotics-based solutions, to increase yields,” he adds.

For Almqvist, such application of technology from other sectors to food is increasing. ”Companies looking at pairing food challenges with tech, maybe derived from other areas, should look into Skåne” he says. Startups are also pivoting away from launching consumer-facing brands. ”I think we’re going to see more integration and more B2B business models, ” he explains.

Learn more about why Skåne is a hotspot for future food and the companies looking for global investment and collaboration.

Download the 2023 Skåne FoodTech Catalogue


Olof Tedin
Business Development Manager
Invest in Skåne
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