Women in Tech

What are the possibilities and challenges for women tech entrepreneurs in this time of pandemic and a booming demand for tech solutions and a growing tech industry? What impact does it have on women tech entrepreneurs? How do we create diverse workplaces where women are free to fulfill their professional potential and have the equal access to resources, knowledge and networks as men?

Today, women are still challenged in their pursuit and progression within the tech sector. We understand the importance of gender equality and diversity, but how could you implement policies promoting it at your company? What is it about a company that makes it uninviting for women to apply? Why are tech women still under-represented at most companies? It doesn’t make any sense because obviously there is no difference in skills or competence. They’re out there, but how can you get them into your organization?

In this webinar, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands brings together experts and women leaders in the tech community for an inspiring session about diversity, inclusion, inspiration and disruption.




Dr Cara Antoine

Managing Director Digital Transformation, IG&H | Global Women in Tech, The Netherlands





Ruth de Jager

Country Manager Netherlands Storytel






Ariane Bucquet-Pousette

Project Manager Start-Ups Invest Stockholm







Indra Sharma

Author, Investor








Rens Goudsmit

Moderator, Head of TK Tech & Attorney at law, TeekensKarstens advocaten notarissen





Please note: Please register for the webinar under the following link and choose „Guest register“ at the end of the page. Upon registration you will receive a confirmation and a link with access to the webinar.


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