Webinar: Working with brand Sweden

A brand is a reputation. It’s the expression of an identity, a name, a logo, values, a philosophy…

Sweden, a small country in northern Europe with only 0.13% of the world’s population, is one of the first nations in the world to have implemented an official nation branding strategy.

Sweden benefits from a positive brand image abroad. The country is positioned among the leading nations in various global indexes of economic performance, social commitments, capacity for innovation, governance, sustainable commitments, etc.

IKEA is a brand that strategically communicates Swedish cultural concepts, symbols and values, and exports them across the world.

What happens when you apply the concept of branding to an entire country? Can companies and nations co-brand on their identity? Why and how? What are the benefits and limits?

You are welcome to join us in reflecting on how Sweden and Swedish companies may join forces in co-branding. How can a nation and companies reflect each other’s assets and thus strengthen their positions?

Guest speakers

Madeleine Sjöstedt
Director-General Swedish Institute

Lena Herder
Country Retail Manager IKEA Sweden

Simon Anholt
Independent policy advisor, author and expert in nation branding

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