Advice to my dear daughter

How can I propel my own career? How can I make a real difference for my company? Did you ever ask yourself these questions?

Then welcome to the next digital event of the Business Women’s Initiative. Marianne Hamilton will guide us through the evening discussing her book “Advice to My Dear Daughter”. She has extensive business experience having been Senior Vice President at “Swedish Flagship” Atlas Copco, active in organizational development and management resources for more than sixteen years.

In her latest book “Advice to My Dear Daughter”, Marianne Hamilton gives her own deeply personal advice to women aiming for top executive positions who want to grow professionally. Her advice is based on her own experiences and observations, as well as many conversations with the women and men from the Swedish business world whom she has mentored.

In this book, Marianne Hamilton demonstrates her strong faith in the individual. Her thoughts and ideas provide pragmatic, down-to-earth guidance for women to take charge of their careers and thrive.

Listen to Marianne being interviewed and hear some of Mariannes advices. Afterwards, questions and aspects can be discussed and those who wish can round off the evening with a virtual fika.



Autorin Marianne Hamilton Marianne Hamilton

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