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An innovative couple: Näktergal and Scrive

The chamber’s member company Scrive partnered up with a newcomer from Sweden: Näktergal was one of the participating companies of the AccessGERMANY program 2021.

Written agreements are a pillar of the lending business. Today, much of the process of formalising legally-binding agreements can be handled digitally and remotely, including the signature. However, many organisations still require their customers to attend physical meetings to sign applications and agreements.

Why? Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements mean that for many types of agreements, the signature alone is not enough. The widespread adoption of electronic signatures has made signing documents online commonplace, but for lending agreements and many others, identity verification is required.

Therefore, formalising lending agreements digitally and remotely is only a viable option if the electronic signature is accompanied by an accepted form of digital ID verification, like BankID. That’s why Näktergal has partnered with Scrive to offer identity verification checks as a seamless step within its digital lending platform.

The partnership is fitting because both companies address many of the same challenges of organisations in highly-regulated industries:

  • Onboarding new customers securely and efficiently
  • Fulfilling KYC requirements
  • Meeting customer expectations of a smooth, digital process
  • Reducing administrative workloads
  • Driving security and compliance
  • Achieving automation with minimal business disruption

Näktergal makes it easy to manage the entire loan lifecycle, covering the whole journey from acquisition to loan servicing and even marketing and finance. Partnering with Scrive means they can integrate best-in-class technology to make better lending solutions for tomorrow. Digital identification is convenient for both banks and consumers, who are used to everything in their lives being automated.

The partnership is another example of how Scrive’s e-signing and digital identity services can be fully integrated into core banking platform workflows for onboarding, online signatures, payment authorisations and know-your-customer compliance.

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