NÄR Fredag 5 April 2019 // Kl 10.00
Var Inspirations stage // Sweden Co-Lab Pavillon, Hall 27, monter H30

Everyone is talking about internationalisation and globalisation. But how do they impact the daily work within multinational teams and international partnerships – when English alone isn’t always enough? A panel discussion with several players in the business world will shed light on the question of the importance of knowing and understanding a business partner’s language and culture.

The question is posed by the Swedish language institute Internationella Skolorna Düsseldorf in collaboration with the Embassy of Sweden in Germany. The topic will be discussed by Per Thöresson (Swedish Ambassador in Berlin), Helen Hoffmann (Swedish Chamber of Commerce, Branch Manager), Ewa Johansson (Tacton, CEO Germany) and Dr. Heike Havermeier (linguist with expertise in workplace communication, lecturer for GFL). Moderator: Dr. Nils Hansson (associate professor, HHU Düsseldorf)