// How Artificial Intelligence lets the sun shine: Co-creating a leading digital platform for the photovoltaic industry 

WANN Montag 1. April // 14.30 Uhr
WO Sweden Co-Lab Pavillon // Halle 27 //H30 // Co-Lab Stage

In Zusammenarbeit mit Vattenfall

Franziska Schuth, Vattenfall Europe Innovation GmbH
Alwin Nagel, Solytic

Moderation: Helen Hoffmann, Schwedische Handelskammer

Solar PV will be the leading power source of generations to come. Installed solar capacity increases 14-fold by 2040 and it will be key to harvest every available kilowatt hour from the solar power sources. Vattenfall, patron member of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Germany, now seizes digitalisation opportunities to support the rapid growth of sustainable energy by teaming up with the solar analytics startup Solytic. Through Co-Lab, they are leading the way to a fossil free future. The photovoltaic market-boom has resulted into an increasing number of photovoltaic systems in commercial portfolios, putting the solar industry under pressure to lower costs to stay ahead of the competition. With an invisible digital control room Solytic’s technology automates manual processes to decrease operational costs. Together, Solytic and Vattenfall use digitalisation to increase the yield and automation by using artificial intelligence and big data. In a Q&A session on the Co-Lab stage, the Chamber invites you to learn more from Vattenfall and Solytic about how AI can build service platforms to build a sustainable future.