// stockholm: Do Business with Germany - Digitisation, innovation, and design - key factors to success

date friday march 9, 2018 // seminar 08.00 - 10.00, registration opens at 07.30
place stockholm chamber of commerce // Brunnsgatan 2 // 111 38 Stockholm // SWEDEN
FEE Free for SHK-Members, 600 SEK for others
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Germany is one of the most competitive economies globally. The GDP grew faster than any other G7 country in 2016 and the employment rate has been growing steadily the last decade. Small and medium-sized companies are the backbone of the economy and play an important role. German companies are known for their high degree of specialization, and they are world leaders in different fields.

Despite the strong position and robust economy, Germany has not yet transitioned into the digital age as much as its peers. The country has captured just 10 percent of the global “digital potential,”- well behind the US (18 %), UK (17 %) and Sweden (15 %). Many sectors and firms are lagging behind, according to the MGI Industry Digitisation Index*. The key to remaining economically vibrant in the future will be increased efficiency and digitalization. Sweden and Germany are working together to achieve this. In 2017, the countries committed to an innovation partnership where one focus area is boosting the digitalisation of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The cooperation matches Swedish and German SMEs on digitalisation, so that they can exchange experiences.

Welcome to a seminar where the focus will be on digitisation, innovation, and design - essential drivers behind successful Swedish entrepreneurship. Mr. Sebastian Groesslhuber, CEO of Kinnarps Germany, and Ms. Petra Lindgren, Director of Marketing Communication at Tacton, will share their insights on how to do prosperous business in Germany. In 2017, these companies were awarded the prestigious Company Prize by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Germany, the Embassy, and Business Sweden.


The Political and Economic Situation in Germany
Mr. Joachim Eriksson, CEO Nordic Region, Deutsche Bank AG

Innovation through Partnership
Ms. Anna Liberg, Market Area Director Central Western Europe & Trade Commissioner Germany, Business Sweden

Panel Discussion
Moderator: Mr Thomas Ryberg, Chairman of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Germany.

The 2017 laureates Mr Sebastian Groesslhuber, CEO, Kinnarps Germany, Ms Petra Lindgren, Director of Marketing Communication, Tacton will, together with Ms Liberg and Mr Mats Agervi, CEO, Combient discuss the following topics:

  • The digital transformation; at company level and in Germany
  • Digitisation across the value chain
  • How to harness the upcoming waves of digital disruption
  • Seeking and identifying new opportunities opened by the digital age
  • Adaptation to a more flat and agile working structure (in contrast to the prevailing hierarchical)
  • Best practices and recommendations on how to think and do business

How Sweden Can Position Itself and Create Value at Hannover Messe
Ms. Lisa Tullus, Project Manager, Business Sweden

The 2017 laureates attending

Kinnarps – a family owned company providing workspace interior solutions in about 40 countries and that has become one of Europe’s leading suppliers

Tacton – a world leader in sales and product configuration which enables smarter manufacturing thanks to its ground-breaking technology – making it dramatically simpler to design, configure and sell complex products.  

Additionally, business advisors of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Germany will be present. The advisors are affiliated with renowned Germany-based companies and speak German and Swedish.  They have a solid background in law, auditing, tax, HR, marketing and business consulting and are on hand to answer your questions regarding trade with Germany. With their expertise in German-Swedish business and a broad network, the advisors regularly help Swedish companies in the German market.

The seminar is organized in cooperation with ICC Sweden and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Germany. 

*MGI Industry Digitisation Index maps digitisation at a sector level, based on the level of digital spending, the share of the workforce in digital occupations, and other measures in each digital industry. For each country, an aggregate digitisation score is calculated based on its internal mix. Digital Europe McKinsey Global Institute, June 2016.